Thursday Day 4

Thursday 23rd May 2024

It’s 6:45am and I can hear the 4 boys in their room along the corridor.  This means it will not be too long before everyone on this landing is wide-awake.  I can hear a door opening, this is clearly to check if the rest of the world are awake and ready for another day of action.

Sat here, looking out of the window, it looks as though we have a mixed day ahead of us, it looks windy out, I can see the leaves on the trees being blown left and right. The sky looks a dreary greyish colour and the sun is trying to break through, so fingers crossed we are in for a dry day, as yesterday everyone was soaked through and covered in mud.

That said, after breakfast the children are taking part in two teamwork activities. Raft building, which is where the children compete against one another using ropes and barrels to build a raft, they then have to see if they can float on the pond- maybe today isn’t going to be as dry as we’d hoped.

The other task will be buggy building- again teamwork, design and communication skills will be tested as the children race to build a moving buggy, that then has to be able to transport some of the team to the finish line. 

Come back later for pictures of the morning’s events.

What a day! It is now 8:45pm and we have just arrived ‘home’ from the disco.  This was shared with 4 other schools. Our children were able to sing along to most of the songs.  I wasn’t able to as none of the songs are played on Smooth FM for some reason.

Everyone is now busy, packing their cases so that in the morning we only have to pack the last few items.

Everyone enjoyed the raft  building, only a few children fell into the pond and their clothing has been wrung out and the wet clothes placed into plastic bags so that they can be taken home tomorrow for washing.  

The buggies were amazing, the children were able to ride around the field.  Everyone had lots of fun.  

In the afternoon after lunch, the children had archery and the Giant swing.  We had a few children that showed real talent using a bow and arrow. Sarwat, Khadija, Nafi and Muaaz managed to hit the bullseye!

The Giant swing, brought loads of laughs, watching the many reactions of the children as they were hoisted into the air before pulling the lever that sent the swing soaring through the air at high speed. Mr Akhtar and Mrs Skelding were brave enough to have a go.  

Everyone is exhausted, I expect the coach ride home tomorrow will be quiet as I expect everyone to fall asleep during the journey.