Classroom Learning

Art in Christianity

The children looked at stain glass windows within their topic ‘Art in Christianity’ and then had the opportunity to create some stain glass windows of their own.

Year 6 Learnt about Light in Science

How Shadows are Made

The children in Year 6 learnt about how shadows are formed. Through their investigations they found out: Shadows are formed when light from a source is blocked by an opaque object (something that lets no light pass through it; you cannot see through opaque objects). Also they found out the closer an object is to the source of light the bigger the shadow; the further an object is from the light source the smaller the shadow. From their investigations it was also apparent that shadows are clearer on darker surfaces. A fun fact: Sundials, which were first used in the 16th century, used shadows from the sun to allow people to tell the time.


As part of Year 6’s Science topic ‘Light’, the children took part in a fun experiment involving Post-Its and water to illustrate the process of refraction (when light waves travel at a different speed when they go through other transparent materials, such as water or glass, causing the rays of light to change direction and bend).