Classroom Learning

The Circulatory System

In Science, our topic is Animals Including Humans. Over the course of the last few weeks we have learnt about the human circulatory system and for this particular lesson, we looked at how our pulse rate changes when exercising. We first predicted what our pulse rate would be at different stages such as standing still, jogging on the spot, slowing down, sitting down and relaxing. Then, we went outside and carried out different exercises and measured our pulse rate for 1 minute using a stopwatch to see what our actual pulse rate was. Following this, we drew upon our knowledge of drawing graphs to produce a line graph which showed the difference in pulse rate at each stage.

World War 2 Immersion Day

In Year 6 our topic is World War 2. To start off our topic we had an immersion day where we had a tea party and then suddenly an air raid siren went off. The children were instructed to safely climb under the tables for safety. We then played the all clear siren so that the children could come back out. This was done so that the children could be made aware of how air raid sirens would go off and interrupt the daily lives of many people.