Classroom Learning

Anglo Saxon Immersion Day

Year 4 - Anglo Saxon Immersion Day (January 2023). Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed their immersion day into Anglo Saxon culture. They created carvings, made shields and explored the life of Anglo Saxons through role play. The day certainly excited the year 4s and created anticipation about the upcoming topic.

North American Map Work

Year 4 - North American Countries (November 2022). In year 4, children used atlases to locate various countries of Central and Northern America. They then found different characteristics of these countries and sorted them, depending on their various features.

Electrical Circuits

Year 4 - Electrical Circuits (October 2022). Children in year 4 explored the different features of electrical circuits and tried different methods to light their bulb. They removed and added different elements of the circuits in order to create a successful current.

Mummifying an Orange

Year 4 - Mummifying an Orange (October 2022). In year 4, children got very messy mummifying oranges! They used similar techniques to those used in Ancient Egypt, in order to understand the process and preserve the orange. The year 4 children then wrote instructions, explaining the different steps of mummification.

British Museum

Year 4 - British Museum (September 2022). Year 4 children had a wonderful time exploring the British Museum, specifically the Ancient Egyption exhibition. The children looked at the different artefacts and gained so much knowledge, ready to start their brand new topic.