Wednesday Day 3

Wednesday 22nd May 2024 

Again, your children have made us proud.  This morning the children have taken part in various activities, the zip wire, where they zoomed  200ft along the wire, rain soaking them as they flew through the air. They also climbed Jacob’s ladder, scaling a huge ladder; which tested their strength, courage, teamwork and resilience- as they worked their way up the ladder, so far our bravest child was Stelian, who managed to climb 12 feet into the air.

Children also tested their survival skills, building shelters and lighting a fire using a flint and a small cotton wool ball.  Lighting a fire is not easy when it is pouring with rain.  The children were wet and cold but extremely happy to have been successful in lighting their small fires. They were instantly able to run for cover inside their man-made shelters.  

The children also showed their skill and determination climbing the vertical challenge.  This structure, looked a bit like an army obstacle course, but instead of being flat on the ground, was a wooden structure that stands upright. First the children needed to climb a wobbly ladder, then through 4 tyres and finally onto a climbing wall.   The children that managed to climb to the very top of this challenge were, Julia, Evelyn and Muhammad.  

We all came back to our rooms for hot showers and a change of clothing, ready to go to dinner at 10 past 6.

The evening activity was a game called Balloon Splash.  The children had to complete challenges to earn ‘coins’. They were then able to buy materials that could be used to protect a water balloon.  The safety inventions were then tested by dropping them from a height, if the balloons popped, the safety measures were not supportive enough. If the balloon survived the fall intact, the children got to throw the water balloon at the team leader.  Group four were successful, unfortunately the first attempt to soak the instructor, the balloon was on target and hit her, but bounced off and did not break.  

They then picked it up and threw it at her again, this time it missed and burst on the floor!