Classroom Learning

Science Week


During Science Week, Year 6 took their Science lesson outside to analyse the school grounds. They were undertaking an activity called "Nature's Future" which related to the Science Week theme of time. The activity involved assessing the grounds of the school to see where they could currently see plants growing. They were then tasked with designing a school of the future: considering where they would place more plants, and thinking about how to attract wildlife such as bees to the school. Once they had designed their school of the future, each group presented their ideas to the rest of the class, where the children were excited to share ideas such as living roofs, window boxes and compost bins to collect food waste. 

Using algebra tiles to support Maths learning


This half term, Year 6 have been learning about algebra, including: 

  • using 1-step and 2-step function machines; 
  • using and understanding formulae; and 
  • solving equations.


To support our learning, we used concrete resources (algebra tiles) which helped us to visualise the problem when we were dealing with unknown amounts.