Classroom Learning

Yeast Growth and Temperature

As part of Science Week the children investigated the affect different temperatures have on the speed at which yeast grows. To do this they placed equal amounts of yeast, sugar and water into 3 bottles (the temperature of the water was the only variable which differed). Each bottle was shook the same number of times (this was to mix the 3 substances placed in each bottle). Next, to capture the gas given off by the yeast as it grew, a balloon was placed around the neck of each bottle. The bottles were left for an agreed amount of time after which their circumferences were measured to identify how the warmth of the water affected the yeast’s growth. Below are pictures from this investigation.

Newspaper Report Writing

On 24th of January 2023, Year 6 pupils worked in pairs to identify features of newspaper reports in a given text. They had the opportunity to insert missing features of the report too.