Classroom Learning

Negative Numbers

In year 5, we are learning about negative numbers. Through our investigation, we created a ‘human’ number line and learned that: depending on the rule/pattern, the numbers on either side of 0 are reflective. For example if we count five to the right of 0, we will find 5. If we count five to the left of 0, we will find -5. We also recognised that negative numbers are smaller in value than 0 and are always decreasing. Furthermore, we noticed that negative numbers are always on the left side of the number line. 


Literacy: Balanced Arguments


In Year 5, we are identifying the features of a balanced argument. Children were given a statement in which they had to vocalise their opinions of either for or against the statement.  For example, should schools have a three day weekend? Children were able to give factual evidence to support their views. Later, children worked collaboratively to read three different balanced argument and identify the features of the argument and present to whole class.