Classroom Learning


Immersion Day: African Safari


The topic for Year 1 this term is African Safari. For our Immersion Day, the children dressed up as African Animals and took part in a carousel of activities to immerse themselves in the new topic. These activities include creating a clay model of an African animal, creating facemasks of an African animal, using Lego to make African animals and researching/sharing facts about African animals.




On Monday 11th September, the children in year 1 took part in a fun ‘Cultural Day’ celebration to kick start their topic: We Love Newham. During this topic, the children will be learning all about their local area and celebrate the amazing people that live in it. They will also develop skills such as locating places on a map of the local area, naming key local landmarks, and draw simple maps of the local area. 


Children came in dressed in their national costumes, traditional attire, or an outfit that helped them to celebrate their heritage. The children had a great time showing off their outfits, eating food from different cultures, and listening to songs and stories from around the world.