Classroom Learning

Swimming Lessons - March 2023

As part of our PE curriculum, we took part in a 2 week intensive swimming course. We had the opportunity to build our confidence in the water when swimming, enter and exit the pool safely, and we also learnt how to float. But the best thing about our swimming lessons was all the fun we had!

World Book Day - March 2023

In Year 2 we love to read so we really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Lots of children (and adults!) came in dressed up as their favourite characters. There were some lovely homemade outfits that had clearly taken our parents and carers lots of time and effort to make! We all received a Book Token voucher which can be redeemed at bookshops for a free book.

Refugee immersion day art work - February 2023

On our topic immersion day, we watched an animated video about a child refugee. The child’s life was very familiar to us at first: fun, football and family. But when their country became dangerous, the child had to flee. We spoke about the journeys that refugees go on and how frightening and lonely it can be. Together, we created a large-scale, collaborative art piece which showed the different emotions felt by refugee children and the long journey they take to find safety.

International Day - January 2023

To celebrate ‘International Day’ we created flags of the different countries that we come from. We used a range of different materials to create our flags.

The Great Fire of London Immersion Day - January 2023

In year 2 we are learning all about the ‘Great Fire of London’. To kick start our topic, we all came to school dressed as a person from the Tudor times. During the day we completed a range of activities, including creating a Landscape painting of the fire.