Classroom Learning

                   The Great Fire of London - Art Work

As part of their spring topic ‘The Great Fire of London’, year 2 painted scenes from The Great Fire of London.  They used various paint colours, colour mixing techniques, and brush strokes to create these wonderful art pieces. 

Making Bread 

After evaluating different breads, making salt dough to experiment with different bread designs, and then designing their own (chocolate bread was a very popular choice!), the pupils in year 2 spent a memorable day making loaves of bread. Linked to their current writing genre, they carefully read and followed the instructions, making sure to accurately measure their ingredients. Thier Skills Builder focus was teamwork, and everyone was eager to support and encourage one another- especially while kneading the dough. As you can see from our photographs, the loaves were huge! 


Science - Materials 

Which material would make the best umbrella? Was the question Year 2 had to answer in science after a lengthy unit about the properties and suitability of different materials. The Year 2 pupils conducted a fair test by ensuring the same amount of water was dropped onto each material and left for the same length of time. They observed whether the material absorbed or repelled the water. Another factor taken into account, such as the strength of the material- thus drawing knowledge from previous learning. The pupils took it in turns to record their observations and used these to rank the materials in order of their suitability.


During the Jigsaw unit- Dreams and Goals- the children were encouraged to choose a new challenge and create a step–by–step plan on how they would learn a new skill. They could count in French, count in  Mandarin, recite a poem from memory, or learn the dance moves to the Macarena. After going off into groups, the children helped one another learn their new skills.  Here are some pictures of children learning the Macarena!

Immersion Day 

Year 2’s immersion day was an introduction to the topic-  Refugees and Migrants. After learning about a Syrian child’s journey as a refugee, the pupils discussed the different challenges faced and the range of emotions they felt.  As a group, they collaborated to create a journey, using not only images but colours that reflect the stage of a refugee’s journey and the emotions that they thought would be felt.

Instruction Writing - English 

As part of learning about the writing genre, instructions, Year 2, read and followed the instructions on How to make a jam sandwich. The pupils understood the importance of knowing how to do something first, before being able to write about it.

Afterwards, they learned how to write a set of clear and concise instructions, using the features of this type of writing.