Classroom Learning

Nurses Visit - Parent Partnerships ( November 2023)

As part of our 'People who help us' topic, we had a special visit from two nurses who taught us about their roles in the NHS. Thank you to these two Mums who dedicated their own time to visit our Reception classes. Children were able to ask questions about how nurses help others. We were also able to see real medical equipment and learn new words.

Half Term Task - Making Emergency Vehicles (October 2022)

To launch our 'People who help us' topic, we asked children to make an emergency vehicle of their choice. We are really impressed with the range of vehicles and creative skills used to make their models. Well done Reception.

Settling In and Staying for Lunch (Sept 2022)

This month, our Reception children have settled in well to school. We have been building our confidence in our new classes and are now eating our lunch with our friends in the school dining hall. We have to make our own healthy food choices and develop our own skills in using cutlery too!