Classroom Learning

Christmas Jumper Day 2022

On Thursday 8th December we celebrated Christmas Jumper Day. We showed off some amazing jumpers to raise money for ‘Save the Children’, and help to make the world better for children in the UK and around the world. We all had lunch together (wearing our Christmas Jumpers) in the hall and had a fantastic day doing lots of Christmas activities.

TTRockstars Dress-up Day

To celebrate our love of TTRockstars and times tables, the whole school took part in a ‘TTRockstars dress up day’. The children came to school dressed as rock stars! During the day we had time on TTRockstars and carried out a range of other activities to celebrate Maths.

Year 2 Class Mascot

In year 2, each class has a special class mascot. In MF1 we have Casper the dog, in MF2 we have Monkey the monkey and in MF3 we have Ellie the elephant. Every weekend a child is chosen to take the class mascot home and write all about the adventures they have.

Post Box Visit

The Year 2 classes went to the local post box to post their letters as part of our writing topic. The children wrote letters to their parents to tell them about their wonderful start to Year 2.

Mini Beast Hunt

As part of our science topic ‘Animals including Humans’, Year 2 went on a hunt around the school to find minibeasts! We searched the whole school and each class found a variety of different minibeasts!