Classroom Learning

St Francis - Freeze Frame

Year 4 - St Francis' Life (February 2024). In RE, the children were focussing on the life of St Francis. Each group took on a different part of St Francis’ life and created a freeze frame to showcase to the rest of the class. Together we discussed how St Francis led his life and what kind of characteristics he had that made him a good person. We also discussed how St Francis had a positive influence on people in the world.

British Science Week 

During Science Week, the children in Year 4 actively participated in the construction of models of water clocks, which were used in ancient civilisations to measure time. They demonstrated creativity by reusing plastic bottles as the main building material for their models. Through a practical approach, they gained a deeper understanding of the concepts of time measurement.


To conduct their experiments, the children used coloured water, stopwatches, and pens. They carefully measured the time it took for the water to drip from the top section of their water clocks into the lower section. This allowed them to explore different aspects of time measurement and develop their scientific skills.

We were incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication shown by our Year 4 students throughout Science Week. They thoroughly enjoyed the process of building their water clock models and were actively engaged in the practical experiments.


By participating in this project, our students not only gained knowledge about ancient civilisations and the concept of time measurement but also developed essential skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking.

The Fascinating World Of Electricity

In Year 4, our children have been exploring the fascinating world of electricity as part of their science learning. In a recent lesson, they enthusiastically ventured into building circuits using an array of equipment such as cells, wires, buzzers, motors, switches, and bulbs. This hands-on experience allowed them to understand the basic components and functions of a circuit.


Moreover, they delved deeper into the subject by investigating how to mend a faulty circuit, developing problem-solving skills along the way. To further enhance their scientific inquiry, the children conducted an investigation to determine the nature of materials as insulators or conductors. Through practical experimentation, they explored the conductivity properties of different substances.


By immersing themselves in these captivating and interactive activities, our Year 4 students not only grasped the foundational concepts of electricity but also developed critical thinking and investigative skills. We are extremely proud of their engagement and enthusiasm towards science learning.