Classroom Learning

The Shang Dynasty - Workshop

Year 4 - Shang Dynasty Workshop (March 2023). Year 4 have been learning about the exciting world of the Shang Dynasty. They had the opportunity to take part in a workshop, where the children learnt about the history of the Shang Dynasty, including: timelines, chariots and the army. The children are enjoying the topic of the Shang Dynasty and learnt some great new facts from the workshop.

Constructing Food Chains

Year 4 - Constructing Food Chains (February 2023). During science, year 4 have been learning about various habitats and food chains. The children worked in groups in order place the animals at the correct point on the food chain, as well as in the correct habitat.

Factor Pairs in Maths

Year 4 - Factor Pairs in Maths (February 2023). During maths year 4 have been working really hard to learn their factor pairs to aid different problem solving. They used resources to find the factor pairs, which supported the answering of various problems.

Anglo Saxon Immersion Day

Year 4 - Anglo Saxon Immersion Day (January 2023). Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed their immersion day into Anglo Saxon culture. They created carvings, made shields and explored the life of Anglo Saxons through role play. The day certainly excited the year 4s and created anticipation about the upcoming topic.