Classroom Learning

Multiplication and Division

Year 3 - Multiplication and Division (November 2022). Year 3 children loved using their maths resources to find answers to addition and subtraction questions. Children used the place value grids to help them find the value of digits and solve the various problems, before recording them in their books.

South American Immersion Day

Year 3 - South American Immersion Day (November 2022). As an introduction to their topic, year 3 children had an incredibly fun an immersive experience during their South American Day. Children tasted food from South America, created flags from South American countries and explored various landmarks from the continent.

Rocks Investigation

Year 3 - Categorising Rocks (October 2022). As part of their science topic (Rocks), year 3 explored and categorised various types of rocks. They then looked at the properties of the rocks and recorded their results, linking their uses to how they may have been used during the Stone Age.

National Portrait Gallery

Year 3 - National Portrait Gallery (October 2022) Year 3 children enjoyed their trip to the National Portrait Gallery, where they explored different artists and their work; they were also taught a range different drawing techniques and skills.

Stone Age Day

Year 3 - Stone Age Day (September 2022). As part of the their Stone Age topic, year 3 had a virtual reality tour of a Stone Age landscape, identified and ate Stone Age food and created amazing cave paintings under their tables.