Classroom Learning

Windrush- Significant Events

This term, our focus delves into the Windrush generation and its profound impact on the NHS and the UK. The children have been immersed in significant events related to Windrush, from its arrival to the NHS establishment, the Windrush scandal and the formation of Windrush Day. Through sorting and analysing events chronologically, the children not only develop historical understanding but also hone their skills in critical thinking and teamwork, fostering collaboration and encouraging constructive discussions among peers.

Windrush Art

As part of the year 3 study of the Windrush generation, we have delved into the captivating artistry of Althea McNish, a renowned textile designer and artist hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. Known for her vivid colours and intricate patterns inspired by her Caribbean heritage, McNish's work has served as a rich source of inspiration for our young learners. In honour of her legacy, we have embarked on creating our own vibrant and pattern-rich artwork, celebrating the essence of Althea McNish's unique style.

Role Play 

As the children continue to immerse themselves in the topic (Windrush Generation), the children were encouraged to empathetically step into the shoes of individuals who left their homeland to settle in England. Through a thought-provoking role play activity, where the children assumed the roles of passengers aboard a ship, they were able to grasp the emotions associated with migration and comprehend its profound impact on their lives. This interactive approach provided a valuable experiential learning opportunity for the young learners.

Non Chronological Report

Year 4 children at our school have engrossed themselves in a captivating exploration of the Windrush generation, sparking great enthusiasm for learning. Their recent endeavours culminated in the independent creation of non-chronological reports, a testament to their evolving knowledge and advanced writing skills. Congratulations to all our budding writers for their commendable efforts and dedication. Well done!