Classroom Learning

Year 4 Journalists


As part of our curriculum learning, the children have researched, planned, drafted, and published a newspaper article focusing on the significant event of the Windrush arrival in 1948.


For the past two weeks, the children have displayed exceptional dedication and enthusiasm. They have demonstrated their ability to conduct thorough research, critically analyse information, and effectively communicate their findings through writing. The project has not only enhanced their literacy skills but also broadened their historical knowledge and understanding of important events in British history.


The topic of the Windrush arrival holds particular significance as it highlights the contributions of the Windrush generation to British society and acknowledges the challenges they faced upon their arrival. By engaging with this topic, the children have developed a greater appreciation for diversity, empathy towards others, and a deeper understanding of the complexities of migration and belonging.

Windrush Art 

After a week of journalistic writing, the children enjoyed using their imaginations to create a piece of original artwork based on the Empire Windrush. Many chose to use colouring pencils to draw the ship from various angles and some added sketches of the people that travelled to Britain from the Caribbean. A few children even incorporated writing into their artwork, using words that came into their mind when they thought about their learning.


Over the past few weeks, the children have had the fantastic opportunity to explore various poems by Caribbean poets such as Valerie Bloom, John Agard, and Benjamin Zephaniah. They have not only read and studied these poems but have also had the chance to perform them, bringing the words to life in their own unique way.


The children have taken their learning a step further by crafting their own poems. Through the process of drafting and editing, they have honed their creativity and language skills, producing some truly impressive pieces of work.


We encourage you to take some time to sit with your child and appreciate the poems they have written. Your support and interest can greatly boost their confidence and enthusiasm for poetry. Perhaps you could even engage them in discussions about their creative process and the inspirations behind their poems.


Also, we recommend exploring more poetry together at home. Reading and discussing poems as a family can be a valuable and enjoyable experience that fosters a love for language and literature.

The World Of Teeth

In Year 4, our children have been delving into the fascinating world of teeth within their science curriculum. Through a hands-on approach, they have been identifying the various types of teeth and their specific functions. An engaging activity involved peer exploration, as the children observed and counted the different tooth types in each other's mouths. Subsequently, they exhibited their creativity and dexterity by crafting models of the various teeth, focusing on understanding the unique shapes and sizes of each.