Beyond The Classroom

Cricket Workshop

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a cricket workshop. This workshop was aimed at improving the children’s knowledge and understanding of cricket. The children developed their understanding of the basic rules of cricket by scoring and umpiring, improving their catching and fielding skills and recognising tactics that they could apply within the game. They also worked as a team and realised the importance of effective communication when participating in competitive sports.

Easter Trip Workshop

On Thursday 21st March, our Year 4 students embarked on an exciting local trip to Manor Park Christian Centre as part of their learning journey about Easter in RE. At the centre, the children enthusiastically engaged in a variety of enjoyable Easter arts and crafts workshops.


Throughout the afternoon, they participated in dancing, singing, drama, and various creative activities such as painting and crafting. These hands-on experiences not only allowed the children to explore and develop their artistic abilities but also deepened their understanding of the significance of Easter within a Christian context.


We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated parent helpers from TF1, whose invaluable support made this trip possible. Their involvement ensured that our children had a safe and fulfilling experience at Manor Park Christian Centre.