Friday Day 5

Friday 24th May 2024 

Horaaaaayyyy!!!  We have loved looking after your children; we have laughed with them, encouraged them and watched them grow in their self-confidence.  They have strengthened friendships and made new ones. 

It has been a real pleasure getting to deepen our understanding of your children, and in some cases, getting to know them for the very first time.

As usual, our Salisbury children have been praised for their good behaviour.  Wherever we go we always have adults comment on how well behaved they are and what good manners they have.  Therefore, a big thank you to all parents and carers for having such lovely children.

Today is our final day here at Liddington, we will have breakfast at 8:10am and then head to our final two activities. The activities we will be taking part in are two of the following: Zip wire, Orienteering or Jacob’s ladder.

We will then go for lunch; which is at 10 past 1, after which we get the coach back to Salisbury, we aim to leave here at 2pm.  We will have one comfort break on our way home and hope to be back at school between 5:30-6pm.  We will telephone the school to let them know the exact time we leave and keep them informed with traffic updates, so that we can be more accurate with our arrival time.


Please continue to look at the school website as we will upload the final pictures to the school, before we leave at 2pm.