Beyond The Classroom

Childhood Day Mile

Year 3 recently participated in Childhood Day Mile, a national initiative aimed at raising awareness for the NSPCC and advocating for child safety. The event involved the children tackling challenges and completing a one-mile run, showcasing their determination and resilience. It was a valuable opportunity for the children to learn about supporting a worthy cause while also enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

Local Geographical Visit

Our students recently embarked on an exciting local geographical study! They took to the area around our school, focusing on the bustling junction of Romford Road and High St North, right by our beloved local library!


Equipped with tally charts and keen eyes, the children observed and tallied the various vehicles passing by in the morning and afternoon. They then transformed their data into a vibrant bar chart, bringing their findings to life!


This study not only delved into geography but also linked with their mathematical learning, developing their statistical skills. The students eagerly compared the traffic flow during these different times of the day, fostering a deeper understanding of their local environment.


We're thrilled to see our pupils so engaged and enthusiastic about exploring the world around them through these hands-on learning experiences.

Skills Builder Day

Year 3 took part in the whole school Skills Builder Day where they were immersed in a thrilling challenge. The children were tasked with working collaboratively in groups to unravel a mysterious crime that occurred on the school grounds. An audacious thief had pilfered the precious chocolate from the kitchen, leaving the school dessert in jeopardy. The young sleuths visited the crime scene, analysed evidence, interviewed witnesses, and dusted for prints to compile a compelling report identifying the prime suspect. This engaging activity provided a platform for honing a plethora of skills including teamwork, effective communication, critical thinking and problem-solving. The day not only fostered skill development but also nurtured a spirit of camaraderie and enthusiasm among the pupils.