Classroom Learning

Street Child


In Literacy, Year 5 have been reading ‘Street Child’ which links to their topic of The Victorians. Having read and discussed chapter 1, pupils discussed what kind of character Jim Jarvis is. Having read and discussed chapter 1, pupils re-enacted the end scene where the siblings (Jim, Emily and Lizzie) gather around the hearth, taking a bite of the last piece of pie. Following this, they discussed and mind-mapped how the characters might be feeling. 


The Earth and Space


Year 5 explored what causes of day and night on Earth as part of their Earth and Space topic. Children gained a visual understanding of this by using a globe to represent the Earth and a torch to represent the sunlight. The children made careful observations and noticed that the side of the globe facing the torch is illuminated by sunlight. This side experiences daylight because it is directly receiving sunlight. Conversely, during night-time, the side of the globe opposite to the torch is facing away from the Sun and remains in darkness. Children understood that the rotation of the Earth on its axis is what causes the cycle of day and night.