Classroom Learning

Topic: The Victorians

The children took part in role play around a scene from the book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. The role play and book has provided the children with a better understanding of what life was like for poor Victorians; this knowledge has then been used to support the children’s writing.


Some of the children in Year 5 have been benefiting from using concrete resources to support them in solving number problems in maths.

Science topic: Earth and Space

As part of their learning the children have been finding out about the Earth’s rotation and used this explain day and night. They carried out an investigation which looked at the Sun’s apparent movement across the sky and how this affects the size and direction of shadows as the day progresses.

The United Kingdom

As part of our Geography topic ‘The United Kingdom’ we got to complete jigsaw puzzles of the map of the UK. This required us to use our knowledge of the different regions and countries that make up the United Kingdom.