Tuesday Day 2

Tuesday 21st May 2024 

This morning began at 5am.  Not because that was the time we needed to be up, but because that is the time excited children believed would be a fun time to start the day!

This early start gave us plenty of time to be washed and dressed to arrive at breakfast for 8am.  Breakfast was a choice of sausages (halal, vegan, vegetarian or meat), hash browns, mushrooms and beans.  Followed by cereals and toast.  

With breakfast over, we headed back to our rooms to get ready for the morning’s activities.   The children are split into four groups and each group had a turn at these activities today.

Crate challenge: Where  2 or 3 children had to build a tower of crates, whilst 3 of their teammates had to climb on top of each additional layer of crates whilst strapped to a harness.  The tallest tower was 11 crates high! 

Problem Solving: This involved a variety of tasks, which challenged the children’s reasoning and communication skills.  They needed to solve puzzles, to allow a ball to roll through tubing, use planks of wood to cross over paths and move ‘toxic’ tubs using only two lengths of rope.

Trapeze: This task required nerves of steel.  Each child was strapped in a harness and required to scale a wooden pole that takes them 6 meters into the air.  They then climb onto a platform, those brave enough to; leap into the air, with their arms outstretched out in a bid to grasp hold of trapeze, before being lowered to the ground. Others just leapt into the air and relied on their harnesses and teammates to lower them safely to the ground.  

Abseiling: Another task that required bravery and a head for heights! Your children showed huge courage in climbing over the wooden wall, some 10 meters high and then scaling down the wooden wall.    

As you can imagine these activities take a lot of energy and all of the children were well fueled at lunch time and again at dinnertime.  Lunch was a choice of burgers; chicken, cheese and vegetarian, served with crinkle chips, and a wide choice of salads.

Dinner this evening was katsu chicken curry, mac and cheese, vegetable fingers, rice, garlic baby potatoes and fresh broccoli and carrots, and a toffee apple muffin.  Again, there are side salads.

The evening’s entertainment planned was to play Cluedo.  The weather turned rainy and cold so we decided to come inside and play games, until half past 9. When the children started to slowly fall asleep.

It is now 11pm and almost all of the children are asleep. We now have our fingers, eyes and toes crossed that everyone will sleep until at least 7:30am, on Wednesday.