Classroom Learning

St Mary Magdalene Church Visit - March 2023

In RE we have been learning about Christianity. Our focus is exploring how Christians show they belong. As a part of our learning we visited St Mary Magdalene Church to speak with the Vicar and find different symbols/objects that belong to the Christian community.

Planting  Seeds - March 2023

In our science topic ‘Plants’ we have been learning about and identifying parts of a plant and what a plant needs to grow. We had the opportunity to plant our own bean seed and have been watering them daily. We have been closely observing the plants for any changes.

Under the Sea - VR Immersion Day  - February 2023

As part of our immersion day for our new topic ‘Under the Sea’, we used the VR headsets to explore different habitats. We enjoyed seeing different creatures that live under the sea. We even went swimming with sharks!

Florence Nightingale Workshop - January 2023


As part of our immersion day for our new topic ‘Significant People’ we took part in a drama workshop where we met Florence NIghtingale! During the workshop we had the opportunity to act as a nurse or a wounded soldier. We also learnt how to wrap a bandage, made medals and nurses hats. We used these homemade props to help with our role play.