Classroom Learning

Trip to the London Sealife Centre 

As a part of our topic ‘Under The Sea’ the children in Year 1 visited the London Sea Life Centre. Children looked at a range of underwater habitats that they had already learned about. The children loved looking at the different environments and seeing the colourful animals that live under the sea.  The children were able to identify some carnivores like sharks and omnivores like turtles.  The children were also able to identify shark body parts such as fins and gills.


Sealife Boxes 

As a part of our topic ‘Under The Sea’,  children in Year 1 created sea life boxes. Children painted their shoe boxes and drew and cut out different sea creatures. They completed their boxes by sticking their sea creatures to the box and using tissue paper and shiny foil to create the waves and the sand. The year 1 children used art skills such as ‘using various materials’, using ‘familiar shapes to represent different animals and landscapes’, and using ‘basic skills including cutting and sticking’. 


Maths - Place Value (number to 50)

Year 1 children have been learning about place value (the value of each digit in a number) to 50. Children used a part-whole model and a base ten to partition numbers into tens and ones. They had fun challenging their partners with a range of 2-digit numbers to 50