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Curriculum summary


Curriculum hours are allocated to each subject to be taught.  The following is an example:



   KS1  KS2
Maths   5 5
Read Write Inc R.W.I  4 5
Guided Reading  2.5 3.45
Science  1 2
IPC Computing, Geography, History, Art, DT, Music and P.S.H.C.E  5 4
Music  1 1
PE  2 2
RE  1/2 1/2
Literacy Grammar  2 2
French  0 1/2


Should you require any further information on the Curriculum hours, please contact the school.


In English we incorporate the National literacy curriculum into our IPC, RWI and stand alone literacy lessons. Our school is a Maths Makes Sense school and the program allows the children to learn using concrete objects, exaggerated actions and subject specific vocabulary. In RWI and Maths our children are grouped by ability to ensure that work is matched to their needs. At other times children will work in a variety of groupings, including whole class and mixed ability groups.

Optional subjects


At Salisbury we provide opportunities for the children to take instrumental lessons.

We also have several after school clubs for children, which include Football, Art, Reading, Choir, Sewing, Dance and Board games to name a few.