Classroom Learning

Ancient Greece

Year 3 - Ancient Greece (January 2024). Year 3 have linked their History topic of Ancient Greece with Art. They studied patterns, images and history used on Greek artefacts. By exploring these, they have produced their own Greek designs. After that, they created authentic Greek pots using clay and they experimented with different medias such as pencil, ink and paint. Following on from their topic and art lesson, the children wrote a set of instructions on how to make Greek pottery in their writing lessons. I think you'll agree that the end product is a wonderful creation of Greek vases.

The value of concrete manipulatives in maths

Year 3 have been using a range of concrete resources in maths. By representing maths concepts with everyday objectives (manipulatives), the children were able to visualise, explore and manipulate them, giving easier access to the mathematical knowledge and understanding within the lessons.

Holi Festival

During Religious Education, year 3 learnt about the Hindu festival ‘Holi’. Holi is a very old Hindu festival that comes from India and Nepal. It's sometimes called the festival of colours. It celebrates the start of spring and the victory of good over evil. An important part of Holi is forgiving anyone who has upset you and making friends with them again. The night before Holi is called Holika Dahan. People make bonfires which show that it's the end of winter and good is winning over evil. People sing, dance and do other traditional activities around the fire. The next day is called Rangwali Holi. In the morning everyone goes into the streets, and people throw coloured powders and water at each other. Some people use water pistols and water balloons. After a few hours, everyone is very wet and covered in a rainbow of different colours. Some colours have meanings; for example, red means love and green means a new start. The children created a piece of art that represented Holi.

DT- Poisonous Dart Frog Beanbag 

As part of the Year 3 topic on Rainforests, the children engaged in a practical Design and Technology project. They crafted beanbag poisonous dart frogs, designing their unique patterns and cutting felt pieces accurately. Through this task, they honed their sewing skills, delicately stitching the components together. Following the construction, the students meticulously evaluated their final products. Despite facing challenges, the children showcased remarkable resilience and dedication, diligently working towards completing their poisonous dart frogs. The activity proved to be both educational and enjoyable, fostering a spirit of creativity and perseverance among the children.