Our Learning

Summer 2 - Ducklings hatching in the Nursery!

Nursery have had some special little guests this term. Five ducklings hatched from their eggs and came to stay in Nursery for nearly 2 weeks. The children learned about how to take care of them and observed them grow and change over time. It has supported our learning in the EYFS about life cycles and caring for living things.

July 2023 - Harvesting our vegetables.

We harvested the potatoes that we planted back in February. The children loved sorting through the soil to find the potatoes, removing the roots and shoots and observing worms that they found in the soil. We boiled the potatoes and oven roasted them so that the children could taste their crop. They were extremely proud of themselves. 


June 2023 - Music Sessions to celebrate Eid

We have learnt about how Muslim’s celebrate Eid and took part in a special Music sessions led by Debbie from Newham Music. The children had a great time playing instruments and following musical patterns with actions. They worked collaboratively to move the fabric in time with the music and rhythms.


May 2023 - Baking Cakes for King Charles' Coronation

Nursery celebrated King Charles III’s Coronation. As well as learning about Charles and his life and family, we planned a grand celebration for Coronation day. The children baked cakes, weighing ingredients and developing their motor skills by mixing and spooning batter into cake cases then spreading icing and adding sprinkles. We talked about kitchen safety and how we always ask a grown up for help when using a hot oven.   

We also enjoyed afternoon tea. The children used fine motor skills to spread jam and butter onto their scones using a knife.