Classroom Learning

March 2024 - Music Sessions with Ms Dampier

The Nursery children have been really enjoying their Tuesday Music and Movement sessions. They are improving their listening skills, building their confidence to join in with songs and actions, and improving their ability to move and stop in time with rhythmns and instructions.

February 2024 - Houses and Homes

This term, we have been learning about Houses and Homes. We have drawn from our own experiences by role playing in the home corner with our friends. We have also been building more complex models with a range of construction materials, using new vocabulary such as windows, door, roof and walls. 

January 2024 - Making towers and houses.

The Two Year Olds have been developing their hand eye co-ordination by connecting and balancing blocks. They are learning new words to compare and describe their towers such as tall, short, big and small. They enjoyed painting junk model houses too. They have built these towers as they share stories linked to our topic, Houses and Homes.

January 2024 - It's Snowing!

We were very excited when it started to snow! We rushed as fast as we could to get our hats, gloves, scarves and coats on - so we could go out into the garden. Unfortunately, it didn't settle, so we weren't able to make snowmen or igloos!