Governor Profiles

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.



Chair Governor

Ms Y Murray
Appointed by LA – Term of office ends 07/06/2023
Safeguarding & Child Protection Link Governor

Health and Safety Link Governor
NPW Delegated Attendee
NPW Authorised Representative


Staff Governors

                                    Ms Andrea Choppy                             Miss F Dunlop
                                        Headteacher                                        Teacher
                               Appointed through office                       Elected by school staff
                                                                                       Term of office ends 20/10/2021


Parent Governors

                           Ms Rukhsana Ahmed                                 Miss Fiona Gaynor   

                             Elected by Parents                                        Elected by Parents

        Term of Office Ends 15th October 2024        Term of Office Ends 15th October 2024


Authority Governor 

Councillor Harvinder Singh Virdee   

                       Term of Office ends 16/07/2024                         



Co-opted Governors

                    Mr Toby Saul                                                   Mr Kieran Matthews
                      Vice-Chair                                                        Appointed by GB
                  Appointed by GB                                           Term of office ends 31/12/2021

        Term of office ends 09/07/2025                             Governors Training  Link Governor                           Science  Link Governor
             SEND & Inclusion Link Governor                    

                    Ms. Qaisra Khan                                                Mr Andrew Bonner                                         Appointed by GB                                               Appointed by GB                                   
Term of office ends 07/06/2023                            Term of Office ends 04/12/2024                 Religious Education Link Governor                                            


            You are able to contact any of the above Governors via the school office.