At Salisbury, the Religious Education curriculum forms an important part of the school’s spiritual, moral and social teaching. It also promotes education for citizenship. Our RE curriculum is based on Newham LEA’s Agreed Syllabus and it meets all of the requirements set out in that document.  In essence, RE consists of learning about and learning from religion and human experience in such a way that it promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development.


We encourage children to explore and grow in their own thinking, values, insights and beliefs. RE should…

  • encourage pupils to have confidence in their own growing sense of identity as well as valuing and respecting diversity in others;
  • help pupils in their search for meaning and purpose in life;
  • neither promote nor undermine any particular religious, spiritual or secular stance;
  • be accessible to pupils and teachers of any religious stance or none; and
  • encourage pupils to be confident and able to safely express their views and opinions.