Updates for wider opening

Dates for Increasing Numbers


Dear Parents and Carers


The governors and I are pleased to announce that we feel it is now safe to increase the number of children attending school.  


We have completed a detailed risk assessment that you can find on our website, under parents, whole school letters.  You will also find a detailed letter for the procedures to follow if your children have been invited to return.


Monday 15th June, some nursery children will return and all reception children have been invited however, it is at the discretion of the parent if they choose to send their children or not.  Please note that should you decide not to send your child on 15th June, the option to return your child after this date, will need to be agreed with the school prior to your child attending.  If your child is returning to school, the expectation is that they attend every day unless there is an illness stopping them from attending.  There are no part time places for main school children.


At this time, phase 2, which are the year 1 pupils, are expected to return on 22nd June at the earliest and phase 3 which are the year 6 on 29th June at the earliest


Thank you for your understanding at this time.


Keep safe.


Ms Choppy

Head Teacher