Changes to school times

School Start and Finish Times

Dear Parents/Carers


In order for us to keep as much social distance and as safe as possible, we have had to change some children's start and finish times.  


These are as follows:

Year 1 - Start 8.50am - hometime 3pm

Year 2 and 3 - Start 8.50am - hometime 3.10pm

Year 4 - Start 8.50 - hometime 3.20pm

Year 5 and 6 Start 8.40am - hometime 3.20pm


See letters for Nursery and reception times as these have a gentle introducion to school life, therefore times are vairable whilst in the settling in period.


Thank you to all the parents who have been socially distancing while waiting for their children to start school.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.


The one way systems that have been put into place at the end of the school day, have helped parents to maintain social distancing on school grounds.  Sadly we cannot put sanctions into place off of school grounds and therefore request that parents be mindful of the need to socially distance. May I suggest you wear a face mask while waitiing outside the school grounds and only arrive at the times allocated for your child.  Please move away as quickly as possible once your child has safely entered the school gates.


We are constantly reviewing our pracitces and we would ask that you continue to support us should we need to change times in the future to enable a safer environment for all parents and children.


Thank you.


Ms A Choppy

Head Teacher