The aim of mathematics in Salisbury school is to develop:


  • Positive attitudes towards the subject and awareness of the relevance of mathematics in the real world;  
  • Competence and confidence in using and applying mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills;  
  • An ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately;  
  • Initiative and motivation to work both independently and in cooperation with others;  
  • Confident communication of maths where pupils ask and answer questions, openly share work and learn from mistakes;  
  • An ability to use and apply mathematics across the curriculum and in real life; and  
  • An understanding of mathematics through a process of enquiry and investigation.


To achieve this we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of work.  Each half term our children take home a Kirfs booklet, which details the maths that will be taught during that term.