Mathletics Top Scorer

Picture 1 Year 5 Zarin scored 30,119
Picture 2 Year 1: Nabeel Scored 16,890
Picture 3 Year 6: Mariha Scored 8982
Picture 4 Reception: Denis-Andre Scored 7440
Picture 5 Year 2: Hamza Scored 5995
Picture 6 Year 4: Aleena Scored 4382
Picture 7 Year 3: Maria Scored 4153

Our children are enjoying maths on Mathletics. Congratulations to these children, they are the top scorers in Mathletics, in each year group across the school. Well done!


Playing mathematical games on the computer enhances the children’s maths skills and helps them to make excellent progress in a fun and enjoyable way.


Please encourage your children to log onto their Mathletics site for at least 15 minutes each day.