We have been learning about what plants need to grow. We planted potatoes in the Nursery garden tub. All the children planted their own bean to take home. We hope they grow as tall as Jack's beanstalk. Keep a look out for any giants!!!

March 2023 - Making Sandwiches with greater independence.

We have been working on our physical development by practising to spread and slice our bread to make sandwiches. It was very tricky but we did not give up!

February 2023 - Houses and Homes

Nursery have been learning about different houses and homes. We used different materials to build houses and used role play or small world to retell stories, such as the Three Little Pigs. Children have been building their vocabulary related to the topic and joining in with the repeated refrains from the story. This has enabled them to build their confidence to communicate with each other and given them a great opportunity to develop their teamwork.



January 2023 - Using scales to balance and compare weights.

We have been using scales to weigh objects and using language to describe the mass of the objects. Children are beginning to compare objects as heavier and lighter and beginning to recognise when the scales balance and objects weigh the same.