Year Six Day Four

Day 4 of our residential is all but up and the children have had another day which was packed full of fun, fun, fun!


During the first part of the morning half of the children took part in Raft Building. Like the children who experienced this yesterday, it was enjoyed by everyone; Louisa (TF3) and Majid (TF4) both commented on how much they enjoyed this activity, and both said they did not mind getting wet. In fact, they very much enjoyed the getting wet part of the activity. The children who did not participate in Raft Building got to experience orienteering for the first time; this required them to apply map reading skills to find different markers located around a given area. As part of this activity the children learnt the 16 points of the compass and also improved their map reading skills.


All of the children came together for one activity in the second part of the morning; this was called ‘Capture the Flag’. This was a team activity that required tactical thinking alongside team work. It was led by a very exuberant instructor who went by the name ‘Ice Pack’ (AKA Katie).


In the afternoon the children experienced two of the following activities: Challenge Course, Crate Stack, Sensory Trail and Archery. All of these activities proved extremely popular with the children…


The Sensory Trail, which was completed blindfolded, tested the children’s teamwork and communication skills: the children had to navigate a trail, together as a team, giving instructions to each other as to what was coming up (remember, because all of the children were blindfolded, this relied mainly on the children’s sense of touch). Yaqub (TF4) explained that he enjoyed the Sensory Trail because it made everyone help each other; Mohema (TF4) made the point that the Sensory Trail made her conscious of how difficult it must be for people who cannot see. Fabiha (TF4), wanted me to share that she gave the Sensory Trail a double thumbs up!


Archery, which was experienced by two groups, was again enjoyed because it was a totally new experience for the children. Asad (TF4) explained why he enjoyed archery so much: he said that enjoyed it because it was a new skill, something that he did not know how to do before today.


The third activity, Crate Stack, required some of the children to revisit, and reconquer their fear of heights, whilst challenging every child’s balance and ability to work effectively in a team (particularly, their ability to communicate effectively and to remain calm under pressure). The activity itself required the children to build a stack of crates as high as they could in a given time; as they built their stack of crates, as a team of three, the children had to stand on top of each new layer of their stack. Once their time was up, they were given the opportunity to knock their stack down, something they all enjoyed. During this task Manmeet, Raiyan and Andrees (all in TF5) worked extremely effectively as a team to build a stack of crates to a considerable height. Mario (TF3) summed up Crate Stack in one word: ‘Amazing!’


Our day ended with a campfire where the children enjoyed an interactive story which involved their participation through songs, actions and call and response activities.