Year 6 Day Three 


Day 3 of the Year 6 residential is drawing to a close, and what a day it’s been!


Like yesterday, it started with a hearty breakfast (this was at the much more reasonable time of 8:05 am), which was followed by a sports activity; this tested numerous skills such as: dexterity, speed and hand/eye coordination. After a short break, half the children went off to build rafts, whilst the other half got to experience canoeing. Raft building allowed the children to learn a new skill - tying knots (these were specialist knots that were particularly strong). Later, as part of the raft building activity, the children tested the strength of their knots as their rafts were tested for both structural strength and buoyancy;this was on an actual lake (this was shallow and was not too large). 


Before their lunch, the children came back to their rooms to shower and get into a change of clothes (some of them got a little wet during canoeing and rafting). After lunch, the children took part in two of the following activities: a sensory trail, archery and climbing. Archery, which Kevin (TF5) described as being ‘sick’ (this is a slang term for ‘very, very good’), started out as challenging, but with the guidance of the instructors all of the children made great progress over the session: many were able to hit the target with every arrow. Who knows, we may have a future Olympic archery champion amongst the Year 6 children! 


Although similar to abseiling, in the sense that it challenged the children’s fear of heights, climbing was very much enjoyed by all of the children. Mahidur (TF4) came down from the climbing wall with a huge grin on his face; he shared with the adult leading his team that he could not believe how high he had managed to climb. All of the children who participated in climbing have to be commended for the effort they put into the task. As a result of their effort and determination, several children made it to the very top of the climbing wall. This was no small feat, as it not only took courage and determination, but also a lot of strength and coordination to scale the climbing wall which was approximately 20 metres in height! 


One final note for day 3 comes from Inayah (TF3): She suggested that Ms Choppy should look for a way to move Salisbury Primary School to Liddington or at least nearby. That way, Inayah would be able to enjoy the countryside and all it has to offer everyday!