Year 6 Day Two


As I type this Day 2 is drawing to a close and the children have definitely had an extremely busy day… It started extremely early with a wake up call at 6:30 am for breakfast at 7:00 am; this was enjoyed by all of the children (there was a wide selection of pastries, cereal, toast, yoghurt and fruit). After a filling breakfast, the children embarked on their day; their first activity required the children to combine both map reading skills alongside their knowledge of different countries; they pitted their wits against each other in an activity called ‘Passport to the World’.


Next, the children got to participate in abseiling, something that they have never previously experienced. Although several children commented on how scary it was (abseiling required them to walk backwards down a vertical wall; from a great height too - all of the children were wearing harnesses and helmets), most of them still gave it a go. The other children, who were waiting their turn, were extremely supportive of the children who were steadily making their way, backwards, down the abseiling walls. All of the staff accompanying the children were very proud of their behaviour and supportive nature during the above activity. Also, we, the staff, were very impressed with many of the children who faced, and overcame their genuine fear of heights! Well done Year 6!


The afternoon brought with it one either canoeing, orienteering or fencing; like the morning’s abseiling activity these were all new activities for the children. Safa (TF3), commented on the canoeing being the best thing ever. Specifically, Safa shared with me how much fun she had playing a game which involved passing a ball between the canoes. 


When reflecting on the day, Raiyan (TF5) told me, although his legs ached, he has definitely had a very good day. Tedi (TF4), also reflected on the day, sharing that she had found the abseiling challenging, but she made it clear that she still had a fun day.