As I type this we are entering the evening of Day 2. That said, the sun is still lighting up the sky and providing pleasant warmth to accompany this recount of the day.


The day itself started with a 7:00 am wake up call; the children enjoyed a tasty breakfast and there was plenty to choose from: vegetarian sausages, baked beans, hash browns, cereal and more!  After a filling breakfast, the children split into their day time groups to begin their first day of activities (Canoeing, Buggy Building, Orienteering, Jacob’s Ladder and Crate Challenge).


Under the instruction of a skilled instructor, canoeing provided the children with an opportunity to hit the water, with a partner. Once they had mastered the technique required to paddle a canoe they had to put their new found skills and teamwork to the test: the children had to canoe around a lake and get different objects from different locations (these were all situated around the lake).


Although Jacob’s Ladder and Crate Challenge both required the children to work in teams to climb as high as they could. Perhaps the biggest challenge that all of the children overcame was height: many of the children succeeded in climbing much higher than they imagined they could before they embarked on each activity.


Teamwork was a must for Buggy Building: the children mastered new knots (The Clothes Hitch and Lashings) and worked collaboratively to use logs, ropes and barrels to build buggies. Then, they took turns to experience riding in their newly assembled buggies across a field. The latter required communication and working in partnership between the buggy riders and the children providing the buggy’s power.


Orienteering provided the children with an opportunity to learn the points of the compass and to use landmarks to support their map reading. The children then had to use their newly acquired skills to find specific locations.


Some of the children have shared their thoughts from the last 2 days:


Adele: ‘It has been great! I’m having an amazing time’


Taspiya: ‘I’m learning new skills and the activities are very helpful. Today I’ve learnt how to canoe and I’ve never done that before’


Tyrel. S: ‘Everything has been perfect here. The rooms are nice and clean and the activities are enjoyable. Canoeing has been my favourite because I got to row a boat and jump inside the water.’


Oliver: ‘I’ve learnt how to tie 2 types of knots… I’m enjoying spending all day with my friends and the food here is delicious!’


Ilinca: ‘I’m finding it really fun because I’m having fun with my friends and the activities are amazing. For example I enjoyed ‘Jacobs Ladder’ because I had to climb really high and I enjoyed canoeing.’


Issar: ‘The activities are very energetic and fun and I’m looking forward to doing more activities tomorrow. So far I have enjoyed ‘Capture the Flag’ because there was running around, teamwork and communication involved. I also liked ‘Jacobs Ladder’ because I had to push myself and it made me feel good because I faced my fear of heights.’


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