Year 6 Day One

The children have had a fantastic first day of their Year 6 residential. It began with a pleasant coach journey to PGL, Liddington where they were greeted by James, their designated instructor for the week. Initially, they were given a safety talk and a tour of the site, which is vast, but will, in truth, take a few days to get used to (many of the children commented on it being like a maze). Then, the children got to enjoy the fresh air whilst they either sat and relaxed or played one of a variety of sports (cricket, badminton, rugby, and football too). Dinner followed, and was well received; there was plenty of choice for everyone. With their stomachs full, the children got to spend their evening outside. Initially, they continued with the activities they had been doing prior to their dinner; these were followed by ‘Wacky Races’, and these were quite literally ‘WACKY’ (a little bit crazy) - the children participated in a series of unusual races; these included: crawling, walking like a toddler - who had only just learnt to walk, walking like an elderly person, having to strike their best ninja pose and moving a ball using only their head. Like their day, the children’s behaviour has been truly amazing. They look forward to day number 2.