A Kingswood update from Ms Carlile on Tuesday night……

Hi all,


On our first night here all of the children were in bed by 10…  but they managed to stay awake chatting and laughing until just after midnight!


You would expect that they would sleep in until the 8 am (the wake-up call we had planned) but no such luck! Many children were up by 6 am and those that weren’t, didn’t take long to follow because the noise woke them all up!


​We set off to a cooked breakfast at  our allotted time of  8:50am, after that we raced back to our rooms to get our water bottles and headed to the first events of the day.


We had: Indoor Initiatives, Volleyball, Bottle Rockets, Fencing, Team Tech and Problem Solving.

We then had a break for lunch, which was followed by an afternoon on the beach making castles, mermaids and playing football rounders.


This was followed by dinner. The last activity of the  evening was the camp fire (pictures of this part coming soon).  The children sat around the fire telling jokes, riddles, singing songs and toasting vegetarian marshmallows.  


We then headed back to the dining hall where all the children drank their hot chocolate before heading back to our rooms for showers and hopefully and earlier night. 


Kind regards,